Sheet metal work – creating beads without distortions

Driving beads into a flat metal sheet usually causes a distortion due to the forming of the sheet metal. Will you have to weld such a sheet, some further forming work is necessary to get these distortions out of the sheet.



The reason for this distortion is the stretching of sheet metal during the forming process, because to create the bead must be stretched strongly and the surrounding areas are affected . This stretching produces a corresponding folding – or wave formation in the surrounding area, which should stay smooth. The stretched sheet metal must be taken from this area. So – to form a bead, you need a stretched-out the bead area. This can be achieved by either beating the metal with a slapper, or stretching the sheet metal on the english wheel. The metal sheet is rolled so long in the english wheel until a light crown is formed. The sheet metal is then accordingly stretched. The additional material that the bead requires is now available. The bead is formed by a rounded roll on the top which is guided along the edge of a flat roll on the bottom.
Although rolling the bead on the swaging machine into the metal plate, the entire metal sheet stays flat and is experiencing no delays.