Sheet metal work – foundations of the rolling machine part 10

In this episode of the foundations of the rolling machine, we show how a concave flange can be shaped to the rolling machine. A sheet to round is led to the preparation of the plate through the rolling machine. Thus, the plate is arched in advance.


In the lower bracket of the rolling machine, a strongly curved part is inserted and placed on medium voltage. Now, the curved sheet metal being waged by the side of the roller machine, not as usual along. The curvature of the plate facing up. While the sheet is now through the rollers, the hands hold the side flanks and easily push down the entire sheet. Very soon, you can see the concave curvature along the edge of the processed.
The longer the plate under steady state is guided by the role, forming the border region becomes stronger.
If the desired curvature has been reached, the sheet metal using very light pressure can be smoothed out.